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The best apps for your hikes

In preparation for your next hike, do you want to have all the elements you need to make your itineraries a success? With the best hiking apps, you can be sure you get it all the way.

Why use a hiking app?

Whether you are an amateur or a seasoned hiker, you will need a hiking app to guide you on this adventure. Combining a map with a GPS, an application contains all the necessary information concerning the real-time geolocation of your position. As a real guide, she will allow you to find your way around, but also to understand all the trails established on your route. It will provide you, among other things, with information on distances, height differences, and the difficulties of the trails.

In addition, a hiking application will help you determine your route and discover new trails. Downloaded and installed on your smartphone, a hiking app does not necessarily need an Internet connection to work. You can view it even outside of a network coverage area.

The best apps for hiking

Whether easy to use or more extensive with many configurations, hiking apps will really come in handy. Here is a list of the best and most used apps.

Viso Rando

    The simplest and easiest application, Viso Rando is very intuitive. Its main function is to find you hiking trails in the surroundings. Its database records up to 10,000 trails in France. This application exists in two versions. The free version will give you access to detailed hiking files (technical summary of the trail, landmark map, photo and description). The premium version, accessible by annual subscription of 18.99 euros, allows you to have geolocation directly on IGN maps.

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      General application and easy to use, ViewRanger offers many essential functions. It allows, among other things, the creation and recording of routes . It also offers good navigation and a choice of free or paid maps. The app also records over 200,000 routes and has a built-in compass. It allows you to share your position with those close to you. Like a real gadget, the app is compatible with connected watches and makes it possible to identify the elements around with the smartphone.

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      iPhiGénie offers multiple functions and parameters. It offers all the topographical maps of the IGN. Its global cartography provides complete and detailed information on Geoportal maps. In the app, the maps are displayed in 3D with the possibility of overlaying two fading maps. The app also incorporates a GPS location. Free at first, the application requires a monthly or annual subscription thereafter.

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      Very intuitive and easy to use application, OpenRunner offers a large choice of routes and includes up to 4,000,000 routes. The ability to load topographic maps for offline use or even record activities to save or share them makes this app one of the best. With the integrated technology, it is possible to share your location with your loved ones with an alert or SOS mode in case of danger.

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      A hiking-oriented application, SityTrail has many attractive features. Among which, you can count more than 600,000 informed trails, full navigation with GPS, voice guidance and time estimation. The app also allows you to create routes and save routes . The basic OpenStreeMap mapping is free, but the rest of the IGN maps are chargeable.

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      les meilleures applications de randonnées

      How to optimize your cell phone for hiking ?

      Practical, the hiking apps are a real tool for hikers. However, they are of little use without an efficient cell phone. Here are some tips for using your app and smartphone optimally.

      Choose the right mobile

      Choosing a mobile will ensure you have a strong and durable phone. You have to be careful to choose a phone with good battery life, but also a good storage capacity for saving your routes and downloading all the maps. Also make sure that the device has a good seal.

      Protect it well

      Navigating hiking trails will face many obstacles. Make sure your phone is well protected to withstand bumps, drops, and weather. Shockproof protection for your device and the phone screen will be essential. Waterproof, tactile pouches can also do the trick to protect your phone.

      Plan your recharge

      Even if the phone has a long battery life, you should always consider that the battery is draining. So, plan for a long hike , an external battery or a mobile charger to recharge your phone. There are also cases with integrated battery which are very practical. You can also invest in a solar charger which will be more practical and economical.

      Install applications

      For optimal use of your phone while hiking, you can also supplement your apps with other more useful ones. Apart from the application dedicated to hiking , a compass, an altimeter, a flashlight or even a weather app, a flora recognition app can be useful during your journeys. There is a wide selection of apps you can download to optimize your hikes. Just make sure you have enough space on your smartphone.

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