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Become a partner and represent the Runaway Outdoor brand around the world!


Receive advertising fees

Promote the Runaway Outdoor brand and earn advertising fees ranging from 10% up to 20% on all purchases made on thanks to you.

Whether you run a huge network of sites, a content site, blog or social media with thousands of subscribers, you can promote our brand and earn regular income every month .

Other advantages of becoming a Partner:

  • A reduction code of -30% for your 1st purchase
  • Get featured on our Instagram account with over 13,000 followers . We regularly publish photos of our partners in Instagram posts and stories.
  • Receive a product offered ( with a maximum value of 30 € ) after your 5th affiliate sale.
  • Monthly gifts for the best partners

How can I become a partner of the Runaway Outdoor brand?

To become a partner of the brand, it's very easy. You don't have to meet any special conditions. You just need to create a partner account by clicking on this link: BECOME A PARTNER

Once your account is created, you will have access to your dashboard containing all your information. Your personal promo code will be accessible at any time.

Then promote the brand naturally by sharing your promo code to your friends and relatives, on your website, your blog, on your various social networks, in facebook groups, etc ...

How much money can I earn by becoming a partner?

In normal times (excluding sales and various promotions) , the average basket of our customers is 50 €.

If you generate 10 sales using your promo code, you will then receive approximately 50 € in commissions.
( 10 sales x 50 € = 500 € sales em> → 10% of € 500 = € 50 remuneration )

If you generate 50 sales using your promo code, you will earn approximately 250 € in commissions.
( 50 sales x 50 € = 2500 € sales → 10% of € 2,500 = € 250 in remuneration)


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From 59 € of purchase in Europe


All over the world, worldwide!


Up to 14 working days