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3 Hiking Trails in New Jersey Worth the Effort

New Jersey is usually mentioned when you're talking about its shore, its highways, or its proximity to New York City.  Contrary to popular belief, however, New Jersey holds breathtaking views that are accessible to anyone willing to put in the effort for a decent hike.  Below, some of the most beautiful hikes in the state are listed.

Mt. Tammany

Located in Worthington State Forest near the border of New Jersey and Pennsylvania, this rewarding hike provides an excellent view of the Delaware Water Gap.  After hiking steeply uphill for approximately four miles, you will arrive at many lookout points where both the river and neighboring Mt. Minsi are clearly visible.  You will have an amazing view of the surrounding area as you will be climbing over a thousand feet from your starting position off of Rt. 80.  Be prepared, though.  This hike is very difficult, as a majority of the trail is on a very steep incline.  Ultimately, the view across the river will be worth it.

Norvin Green

There are many different trails in this area located in the New Jersey Highland that provide a whole list of amazing sights.  By following the length 7.7-mile trail, you will be able to see Chikahoki Falls, Otter Hole, and at the highest point, the skyline of New York City.  While long, this trail is not as difficult as others in the state.  There are elevation changes, but they are generally gradual and for an experienced hiker, not very difficult.  This hike provides the most New Jersey has to offer in the shortest amount of time by packing in dozens of lookout points.

Stairway to Heaven

Made up of boardwalks, bridges, forests, fields, and train tracks, the "Stairway to Heaven" provides one of the most varied hikes available in New Jersey.  This 7.3-mile hike is considered moderate as it switches terrain very often.  It is worth it, because at the end you will have a nice view of the Kittatinny Mountains in the distance at the highest point.  Because of its varied scenery, this hike is considered one of the most popular in the state.  The trail spans from Pochuck Valley to Pinwheel Vista.

New Jersey is almost always recognized for its population and lifestyle.  Rarely, however, is it considered a masterpiece of nature.  Considering its size, New Jersey has a very large amount of hikes that can provide beautiful views, provided you're willing to work for it.  Mt. Tammany, Norvin Green, and the "Stairway to Heaven" are just three of the states many amazing hiking locations that produce once-in-a-lifetime views.


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